The Making of The Hobo Code

The Hobo Code is a hero’s journey.

Fifteen-year-old Jack takes it upon himself to to help his younger siblings travel from the Midwest to the west coast. He doesn’t relish taking a trip with no money, no idea where they’ll stay, and little hope of success in finding their way across the country. But if they don’t try they may lose each other forever.

Researching information this novel sent me on an adventure with Jack, George, and Hannah. They helped me see things I never knew existed.

Did you know that Los Angeles once had a fantastic railway system?

Transit map of LA 1906

I cannot begin to tell you how many rabbit holes I merrily wandered through, searching for relevant information to bring the novel to life.

There is more information on the research for this not yet published work here to learn more about the journey.

Stories lurk all around.

Some hide in dark closets, under the bed, or in the far back of a dimly lit basement waiting to emerge. They might drift within the clouds on angel’s wings to bring us out of the darkness and into the light.

Stories keep life interesting.

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