What I want to do when I grow up?

I have interests in herbal medicine, art, music, dance, neurosciences, psychology, science fiction, astrology, Reiki, Quantum Touch, experimental cooking and chocolate. Does this odd list of interests makes it easier to make that decision? Not really, but having many interests has been invaluable for teaching and writing.

My two children showed me how interesting young people can be. When they were four and six, I went back to school to learn more about child growth and development, received a Masters of Education and a teaching certificate. We all did our homework together. Later, I would veer over to Special Education. I taught preschool through seventh grade, as well as adult education for many years. I once had a grandmother and grandson in my Psychology 101 course—fighting for the highest A.

Adults can be funny. Preschoolers are hilarious! Who else can you interact with (This happened the week the housekeeping center was transformed into a veterinarian’s office.) and hear, “Don’t get up. You’re still dead, teacher. Stay down, dog. Lay down.” There is nothing quite like imaginary play!

I found the most amazing group of people with whom I share a love of writing. Since working with this group, I’ve published short stories, poetry, and have completed a nonfiction book for adults, Parenting: A Work in Progress as well as the first three fictional chapter books for children, The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon: New Beginnings, published December, 2015 , The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon: School Days, published August, 2016, and The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon: Summertime, published August, 2017.

The next two  books subtitled,   Holiday Celebrations (4), and Community Helpers (5) are written and waiting. I’m in the editing process with YA historical fiction novel, The Hobo Code and The Crystal Key, an MG Magical Realism novel with a Sci-fi glaze.

Busy, busy busy!

In memoriam, our two pups, Sheila and Bailey.