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A Visit to El Mirage Elementary Preschool

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Sock Puppet Tim had a great time with Ms. Ruiz’s Pre-K class in El Mirage, Arizona. Ellen and Tim talked to the students about making a book. Tim read part of The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon: New Beginnings to the class. The students were amused. There was much laughter.

The preschoolers asked lots of questions and said many interesting things. When asked to make a guess about what might be inside the trifold cardboard Tim and Ellen brought to school, one guess was a walrus! Of course a walrus would never fit in the trifold and would be much too heavy for Tim to carry. Tim finds the preschoolers entertaining.


A Visit to Surprise Elementary Preschool

Miss Linda's AM preschool class 2015       Linda's PM preschool class 2015

Sock Puppet Tim and Ellen visited Miss Linda’s Preschool classroom in Surprise, Arizona. Her students had a lot of fun with Tim. We talked about staying safe in the summertime and sang some songs. We thank everyone for a great visit.

Thanks, parents, for permission to post photos. You are awesome.


I, Tim, am a firm believer that all children should be treated with care and compassion. Adults must learn patience and think before acting. Hitting is easy and quick, but unwise. Thinking takes time and shows children that they are worthwhile.

The world will be a better place once all children’s well-being is considered more important than anything else.

Message me with Ellen on the contact page. I dictate. She types.

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