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Book one of The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon series is written and will be ready for the final edits this coming Friday, September 25th. The book is divided into four chapters; Our New Home, Moving Day, A New Friend, and Charlie Starts a New School.

Charlie lives with his mama and papa and his rather naughty pet fish, Frankie. The first book in the series is all about change—New Beginnings. Charlie finds out his family is moving due to a job change. He has to say goodbye to his best friend and soccer buddy, Tamika Turtle. After moving, Charlie makes a new friend, encounters the neighborhood bully, and starts school in New Town. There are lots of changes in Charlie’s life in this first book.

A segment from one of the stories to be within book 2 is on the Excerpt page of the website.

Take a look and tell me what you think!

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