Increasing parent involvement in schools


If the following steps are taken there will be an increase of parental involvement in schools.

Teachers are given time to make calls from school to the homes of their students before the school year starts. Schools schedule daytime as well as evening activities so more parents may attend their children’s events. Districts sponsor parenting classes at no cost for those who are interested with free daycare during the classes.

Any information going home, whenever possible, is in English and the home language.

Family literacy activities, including parenting education and educational services for adults who need improved literacy skills are available for those who desire, including English language classes.

A flexible number of parental involvement meetings are offered at various times so those who want to attend can. A parent resource center is available for meetings, classes, and material.

School and community partnerships benefit each other. Community partners donate personnel, time, material, and funds to enhance the school’s ability to increase the students’ level of positive interaction and future lives within the greater community.

Everyone gains when students learn to be positive, productive members of society.

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  1. Making parenting classes available would greatly aid in helping them to understand how their children develop and learn. It would also show them ways to be able to help their child be successful in their academic endeavor. It is vital that parents and teachers work together as a team throughout a child’s education.

    • Thanks for your comments Linda! The main problem I’ve noticed is getting the parents to the school. Babysitting service would probably help some. Perhaps one-time classes instead of six or eight week long classes might work too. I think people are worried about making a long term commitment.

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