Sock Puppet Tim Speaks About Summer Safety

(Tim sings – Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime.)

Tim, why are you singing about Summertime?

  • I love summertime. There’s more time to play. No homework for Tim.
  • You know what?

No what, Tim?

  • In summertime the weather gets hot. Kids need to be careful.

Why should they be careful, Tim?

  • It’s easy to get too hot. Kids need to drink water to help body keep cool. Playing in water is a fun way to stay cool too.

Tim, is it safe for kids to play in the water when they are alone?

  • Oh, no! Kids should never play in water alone. They could get hurt. That makes Tim sad. Kids should only play or swim in water when adults are with them.

What about being outside in the sun, Tim?

  • Kids need sunscreen! Anyone can get sunburn and it is very ouchie!! Tim no like sunburn.
  • You know what?

What Tim?

  • In summertime there are 4th of July parties! Parties are fun. Fireworks are awesome, but not good for kids to play with.

Not even the sparklers?

  • Aye Chihuahua! No! Sparklers are pretty but the sparkles burn hot. Can be very ouchie and burn kids.
  • One more thing. When kids go outside, they should tell an adult where they are going so no one gets worried about where kids are. That’s really important.

Wow, Tim, you know your stuff. How did you get so smart?

  • Well, I may just be a sock puppet, but I pay attention. More about play and safety is in Ellen’s book. See, this one here. Good stuff in here.
  • Gotta go.
  • If anyone has questions for Tim, go to Find me there and ask me questions. I answer. Ellen types. I have no hands or feet!! Typing with nose hurts too much.
  • Bye Bye. I love YouTube!
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