Sock Puppet Tim Speaks About Snacks

(Tim hums and sings part of the song On Top of Spaghetti – until after the word sneeze, then he sneezes)
Bless you, Tim. Do you have a cold?
• Oh, no. I just sing On Top of Spaghetti. It was a fake sneeze. Tim feeling good.
Are you thinking about food, Tim?
• Yes! I’m thinking about snacks. I like to eat.
What kind of snacks do you like to eat, Tim? I like cookies, potato chips and soda? Those taste good.
• Oh, they are yummy. I love COOKIES, but too much sugar makes me need more and more. Then I can’t eat food that makes my body feel happy.
Doesn’t sugar make you feel happy, Tim?
• Only for a little bit. A little sugar okay for Tim. Healthy snacks are better.
Tim, what snacks are healthy and taste good?
• Oohh, nut butter with fruit or crunchy celery; sweet red, yellow, and orange peppers; berries with whipped cream, fruit and yogurt; curvy whole grain pretzels.
• These are fun cause I can bite them into letters and numbers. You know what?
What Tim?
• Sometimes I take skinny, straight pretzels and stick them into cheese cubes to make shapes – lots of fun! Tim like string cheese and scrambled eggs with cheese, too.
Scrambled eggs and cheese? Isn’t scrambled eggs and cheese breakfast?
• Ah, sometimes it’s fun to have breakfast any time. Yum.
Wow, Tim, you know your stuff. How did you get so smart?
• Well, I may just be a sock puppet, but I pay attention. All about snacks is in Ellen’s book. See, this one here. Good stuff in here.
• Gotta go.
• If anyone has questions for Tim, go to Find me there and ask me questions. I answer. Ellen types. I have no hands or feet!! Typing with nose hurts too much.
• Bye Bye. I love You Tube!

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