Sock Puppet Tim Speaks About Sharing


Tim, why do kids have trouble sharing toys?
• Well, toys are very important to kids.
• What if someone said you had to share your car and didn’t say when the car would be back? How does that make you feel?
I don’t think I’d like to share my car unless it was very important. Good point Tim.
Parents and kids all need to learn how to share. What can parents, teachers, and babysitters do to help kids have an easier time sharing?
• Adult could say, “It’s your friend’s turn to play with the toy in five minutes.”
• It’s easier to give the toy to someone else when you know you have more time.
Tim, what do you do when someone really can’t let go of a toy? Should you take the toy away and give it to another person?
• Oh, that’s a bad idea. That will only make the child sad and maybe cry.
• It teaches the kids it is okay to do what you want if you are bigger and stronger. I think this might be how bullying starts. Kids learn how to bully. They are not born that way.
• Adult could say, “Here is a different toy. See if your friend will trade.” That works for me! One time I really wanted my friend’s cool red car. It was really fast. She wouldn’t give it to me. Tim was sad.
What did you do Tim?
• Well, I had a purple and blue car. I showed it to her and asked if we could trade. She said yes. Made Tim happy!
Wow, Tim, you know your stuff. How did you get so smart?
• Well, I may just be a sock puppet, but I pay attention. Sharing is in Ellen’s book. See, this one here. Good stuff in here.
• Gotta go.
• If anyone has questions for Tim, go to Find me there and ask me questions. I answer. Ellen types. I have no hands or feet!! Typing with nose hurts too much.
• Bye Bye.
• I love YouTube!

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  1. Tim’s methods are well planned. Where was he went I was desperate for such advice.?

  2. Eveline Horelle Dailey

    I missed Tim’s brother when my children were growing up. This is a must subscribe to.

    • Hi Eveline! I am so glad you are enjoying Tim’s videos. A lot of interesting things are happening in the writing of his scripts. It occurred to me that some of us may have inadvertently taught our children to bully, which is why Tim included it within the sharing program. Thank you for subscribing!

  3. Is this glaze thick enough to stay on the top of a cake? I want to decorate the top of a heart cake to look like a strwrberay and use the glaze as the final layer, dotted with mini chocolate chips, but I’m afraid it might just run off? What do you think?

    • Dolly, for some reason this is coming up as Sock Puppet Tim Speaks about Sharing. I am certain you are referring to the cream cheese frosting on the carrot cake. It is plenty thick. No worries.

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