Sock Puppet Tim Speaks About Restaurant Behavior

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Questions for Tim about restaurant behavior

Tim, why do children misbehave in restaurants?

  • Boredom, hunger, not able to stay in one place too long

Tim, why do children have such a hard time staying in their seats in restaurants?

  • Tail bones not full developed so it’s not comfortable to stay in one place without moving
  • Moving makes it easier for children to concentrate

Tim, what can parents do to make it easier for the children to behave well in restaurants?

  • Show children what good behavior looks like so children know how to behave
  • Bring crayons, paper, coloring books, something to read, crackers or dry cereal to eat until food arrives
    • No markers, especially the smelly ones. Sometimes kids color their noses when smelling them – what a mess!

Tim, should children go to all types of restaurants?

  • Parents can bring children to any restaurant they feel comfortable with at a very young age. Children will watch how parents act. They see and hear everything. They say what parents say. If parents are nice to waiters, kids will be nice too. If parents are respectful, kids will learn to be respectful from parents.
  • Pay attention to the children and have conversations in the restaurants. It can be good family time. That makes the children feel important and they will behave well. Sometimes kids run around in restaurants because they are looking for attention, any kind—good or bad. Catch them being good!
  • Keep the rules the same for all restaurants so children know what parents expect. Children’s behavior will rise to their parents’ expectations.

Wow, Tim, you know your stuff. How did you get so smart?

  • Well, I may just be a sock puppet, but I pay attention. Behavior in restaurants is in Ellen’s book. See, this one here. Good stuff in here.
  • Gotta go.
  • If anyone has questions for Tim, go to Find me there and ask me questions. I answer. Ellen types. I have no hands or feet!! Typing with nose hurts too much.
  • Bye Bye.
  • I love YouTube!
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