Sock Puppet Tim Speaks About Imaginary Friends

Tim sings – Your My Best Friend

Tim, why are you singing about Friends?

  • Friends are important.
  • Friends are fun, most of the time.
  • You know what?

What, Tim?

  • Sometimes kids have friends that no one else can see.

Are you talking about imaginary friends, Tim?

  • Tim had imaginary friend named Charlie Bones a long time ago.
  • Charlie went away when Tim started First Grade.

What did you and Charlie do?

  • We played together. Charlie was Tim’s friend.
  • Not many kids lived in Tim’s neighborhood. Tim was lonely till Charlie came to visit.

Do you miss Charlie?

  • Tim has other friends for playtime now.

Tim, do many children have imaginary friends?

  • Oh! Yes. Oldest kids in family, and kids with no brothers or sisters sometimes have imaginary friends.
  • You know what?

What, Tim?

  • Mom was worried about Charlie Bones, but doctor said it was normal. Tim still not know what normal is. HA HA HA.
  • Doctor said many smart kids have imaginary friends.

Wow, Tim, you know your stuff. How did you get so smart?

  • Well, I may just be a sock puppet, but I pay attention. More about friends and imaginary friends are in Ellen’s book. See, this one here. Good stuff in here. Gotta go.
  • If anyone has questions for Tim, go to Ask Ellen, she answers. Tim just spokes puppet. HA HA HA .
  • Bye Bye.
  • I love YouTube!
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