Prologue to Blog on Breastfeeding

Not long ago I was involved in a spirited Facebook conversation on the topic of breastfeeding.

An interesting article was posted August 10, 2015 on The title, Formula is worse for babies than alcohol-tinged breastmilk, understandably did not set well with everyone.

After reading other people’s emotional responses, I read the article, responded on Facebook with some positives for both mothers and babies, also stating that there is no reason for people to be bullied into nursing their children. Not everyone is capable due to medical or financial constraints, and some have no desire.

While writing, Parenting . . . A Work in Progress, I did not spend much time on this particular topic as it is primarily a child growth and development book, covering infancy through adolescence—an enormous span. Because of this exchange I’ve decided to research further and bring what I find to the public through the blog as objectively as possible.

As of this writing, I plan to cover how thoughts on breastfeeding have changed over history, reasons for and against breastfeeding, how the foods mom eats effect baby—yes, cabbage can do interesting things, the views of parents, and the views of the medical community.

If there is anything else you would like to see in the blogs, please send me a message so I can include it.




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