Preview of Snippet—Cookies on a Snowy Day

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As Sock Puppet Tim is still recuperating from his trip to New Mexico, I have decided to include some information about the children’s chapter books that I’ve been working on. Tim will be back in two weeks.

The characters in the stories are all animals. Each story, geared for second grade students but fun for all, covers situations children typically encounter like getting lost, moving, starting a new school, making friends, family vacations, working together, and dealing with bullies. The end of each chapter has an activity for the children to do; some require adult supervision. Many of the chapters are written, but the artwork is in its infancy.

To those of you who have been after me to “get them finished already,” I thank you for your patience. The first of three chapter books should be completed this year.

Here is an excerpt from the chapter, Cookies on a Snowy Day, to be included in the second chapter book.


Charlie looked out the front window, watching snowflakes stick to the glass. He thought about cookies. “Mom, can Gary Gecko and Boris Bunny come over?”

“Sure, if their parents say they can,” said Mama Chameleon from her comfy living room chair.

Charlie ran down the hallway towards his bedroom. CRASH! He bumped into the hallway table. Mama yelled, “CHARLIE! Use walking feet in the house.”

“Sorry Mom!” Charlie called. He was excited to have Gary and Boris over.

In the bedroom, Frankie swam fast circles in his fishbowl. “Charlie, are you sure you want Boris Bunny to come over? He always causes trouble.” Frankie remembered Boris reaching into his fishbowl to squish him.

Charlie sent a text to Gary and Boris asking them to come over.

“Frankie, don’t worry about Boris. I’ll keep him busy.”

“Maybe you can lock me in your room. Then he can’t come in and try to squash me again! Fish don’t like hugs,” said Frankie.

“We’re only gonna be in the kitchen. No one is going upstairs. You don’t have to worry about Boris or Gary.”

Frankie poked his head out of the fishbowl and squirted water at Charlie.

“Hey, cut that out. Be a good fish.”

“Carry my bowl to the hallway table. I wanna hear what’s going on.”

“Say please, Frankie. Your manners are bad.”

“Oh, fine. Please,” said Frankie crossing his fins.

“Better. Was that so hard?” Charlie smiled at his cranky pet fish.


“Okay Frankie,” said Charlie. “I’ll bring you a cookie after Boris and Gary go home.”

“Yummy! No onions in the cookies this time, okay?” said Frankie. He remembered the time Charlie put onion flakes in the cookie dough when he should have used dried coconut.

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